Cameron Kennedy
Cameron Kennedy
Senior Systems Engineer in Gainesville, FL

About Me

I have over 10 years experience as a systems engineer and have technical leadership experience in all facets of enterprise hosting. I have a proven record of wrangling complex, multi-discipline environments into reliable, stable systems that meet the business requirements at an efficient operating cost.

My expertise is in virtualization, storage, data protection and Linux systems. But my greatest strength is in identifying the variables and leveraging subject matter experts to help drive solutions.

I really enjoy finding ways to automate through scripting. I find that is the fastest way to drive business efficiency by offloading repeatable tasks. Right now, my focus is on public cloud technologies and working to move as much workload to environments where the benefits of massive cost sharing can be realized.


  • Moved data protection environment to 100% tapeless architecture, using Azure cloud and CommVault.
  • Multiple datacenter migrations moving from wholly owned to remote co-location facilities. Drove simplification of environment by leveraging technology to reduce physical footprint that was less than 1/5 of it's previous size.
  • Multiple SAN storage consolidations as technology improvements allowed for more and faster in smaller packages. Proven track record of physical space, power, complexity reductions.
  • Turned around a data protection environment that was tracking only 40% success to 99% success in less than 30 days, without buying any new equipment. Accomplished this through detailed performance analysis of all facets of that tape based environment to identify the bottleneck and address.
  • Technical lead for Financial system migration to PaaS vendor allowing the business to remove the burden of a system that was not core to the business.


My personal interests include:

  • Deep learning. It's an exciting time for machine learning. I'm working through several online classes, and swap articles with collegues.
  • RC Planes and Boats. I've been an enthusiastic hobbiest since I was a teenager - but only as an adult am I able to afford the higher-quality devices. I like to modify existing kits to improve speed, and add instrumentation.
  • Mountaineering. I live in the Pacific Northwest, home of some of the greatest mountains and trails in the country. I enjoy spending weekends on scrambles and getting lost in the woods.

Recent Projects

  • OpenGidget is an open-source fork of Raspbian Linux that makes it easier to auto-provision a headless Raspberry PI, get it onto your WiFi network, and deploy simple Python and Ruby scripts that run at startup - all without needing to plug in a keyboard/monitor.
  • My Medium blog covers my ongoing attempts to instrument and automate everything in my house.

Other Things

  • Volunteer at Boys and Girls club (since 2008)
  • Active member of The Seattle Ruby on Rails Developers Meetup Group.

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