As I move into a new year, there are some changes I am planning to make with my preferred setup on my laptop. So that I can easily recount those to friends and also remember what I did in the future, I am noting these configuration items below.


  • Operating System: Fedora release 33
  • Email Client: Mozilla Thunderbird (laptop client) and ProtonMail (web client)
  • Custom Domain: Hosted with GoDaddy and MX record directed to ProtonMail.
  • Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • Password Store: Keepass
  • Web Hosting: Github (Jekyll static page builder). Custom domain via GoDaddy as above.
  • Contacts: Mozilla Thunderbird (planning to use ProtonMail as online store will be helpful)
  • Photo Store: Google Photos
  • Cell Number: Google Voice
  • Video Editing: Lightworks (
  • Code Editing: VSCode (
  • Media Player: VLC